Thursday, April 25, 2013

Look What You've Done. I Miss You.

For you mystery girl that I care most.

*play this video while reading my story. Hihi*

Bla bla bla. I haven't wrote about love for a long time. This time I'm back. Because this is what I called a true love feelings. In this semester break, I admit that I miss her so much. I just don't want to disturb her spending time with her friends. I remember how we meet for the first time. I saw and feel like want to know you while at Graphic Annual Grand Meeting. I always tried to find your facebook and twitter. I have your full name and matrix card just in case if you are in trouble, I will know what happened to you. I asked you for a dinner. That time you said you sang Price Tag in BEL class. I asked you to sing in front of me but you said No. lol. After that we keep go out for dinner, event, and others. After always keep going out with you, we became closer and closer. You told me about your family and I told you mine. We had a great cinema time that day with my friends. You asked me not to help your photo assignment. You said your photo assignment is a 'reason' just to make me go out with you. The truth is you said you just want to meet me. So sweet. I appreciated that. But don't because of me, your assignment didn't finished. Because of that I still help you to do your photo assignment. That time was so close to the midnight. You know that the safeguards will asked us to leave if they saw us. But you still make jokes with me. So stubborn. lol. I gave a teddy for you. I know you hate teddy bears. But I gave it to you to see how you handle that with the 'thing' that given by me. Even I am nothing to you I guess. Hihi. And you named that teddy Coke. If you're thinking of me, just hug that bear okay. Just 'if you miss me'. I don't know. lol. I don't know what to say anymore because we had a lot of great moments in one semester. Look what you've done to me? You made me miss so much dear. And truly I miss you so much but I never let you know.

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