Sunday, August 7, 2011

I am jealousy

Yo guys! WTH. I am back with my old attitude. My lame feeling is back. That feeling is jealousy. What the ----. I never thought that I can like her. OMG. But the worst part is she likes another boy. That's why I became jealous. what can I do right. she deserved to choose. either me or him. but I think more to him. Pchic! should I give up? Ohh. but give up is not the thing I like. Should I survive? but what about that guy? arghhh! Let see.

Why not sometimes I want my relationship will be like this 2 pictures. I wish for that moment. So, Miss R. It's up to you. but if i can't catch you, I feel so disappointed. I'm waiting for you. I'll be there for you. But don't get it too long. Ahh you know what I mean right.

*not too hope but totally wish for it.